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Clinic Division Rules


Clinic Division Rules




It is the objective of the Wallingford Girls' Softball League to provide an organized slow pitch softball league to girls who live in the Town of Wallingford or in neighboring towns, while providing a positive learning experience for all participants.  The League stresses skill development, team play and fun.  Fair play, cooperation and respect among players, coaches, parents/spectators, umpires and officials shall always be emphasized.  All rules established by the League are directed to these ends and, therefore, shall be interpreted and applied by the coaches in the way in which they are intended.  Circumventing these intentions to win, though technically permissible in some cases, is not considered in the best interest of the league, its participants and, most importantly, the girls.


GOAL - Clinic will teach basic softball fundamentals to our younger players.  ASA rules will be introduced to the players, though modified to reflect their lack of experience.  In general, players will learn to bat, throw, catch, and run bases in a generally non-competitive atmosphere.


ELIGIBILITY - The Clinic Division is open to any girl in grade one (1) with the completion of at least one year in the instructional division, grade two (2), or grade three (3) who lives in either the Town of Wallingford or any neighboring town. The maximum age is nine (9) years as of January 1st.






Clinic Division play shall conform to the rules of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), except as revised below.  The format of the rules below is consistent with the "ASA Playing Rules & Umpire Manual."



a.   The pitching rubber will be placed thirty (30) feet from the rear point of home plate.  The pitcher-coach shall pitch to all girls from the pitching rubber.

b  . Bases will be placed forty-five (45) feet apart.  The home team coach will set the bases and pitching rubber before the game and return them to the locked field box after the game.



a.   Bats used in the League must be marked T-ball, "OFFICIAL SOFTBALL" and/or bear an ASA certification mark.  All approved bats must have a WGSL label affixed to the bat.

b.   The official game ball is a Poly-Soft Ball (10”) or a comparable ball approved by the League. 

c.   The catcher must wear all catchers’ equipment while positioned behind the plate.  This equipment includes a combination helmet/mask with a properly adjusted throat protector, a chest protector, and shin guards. 

d.   All batters, base runners must wear approved batting helmets. Helmets must not be removed until the player is off the field.

e.   Players must wear their League issued t-shirt. The WGSL  visor is the only visor/hat that can worn during the game.

f.   Players must wear rubberized cleats or other athletic shoes.  Socks must also be worn.  Non-athletic shoes, street shoes and boots are not allowed.

g.   The only acceptable jewelry is stud jewelry. 

h.   The head coach will maintain all League distributed equipment in good working order and will request replacement equipment from the League's Equipment Manager as necessary.



a.   There is no minimum number of players required to start or continue playing a game. 

b.   The batting order must include all players present and ready to play.  New players may be added to the end of the batting order at any time during the game.

c.   Teams will use all players on defense each inning as follows:

·         Four (4) infielders as well as a player-pitcher and a catcher.  For safety, the four infield players must be positioned no closer than 40 feet from home plate and in fair territory prior to the pitch.  

·         The player-pitcher must stand no closer than 30 feet from home plate and must be within 6 feet of the pitching rubber at the hit of the ball. 

·         No infielder is permitted to stand on a base or in foul territory (except for the catcher) at the time of the pitch. 

All remaining players will play the outfield.  All outfielders must be positioned no less than five (5) feet beyond the normal infield dirt area prior to the pitch.  If the infield is poorly defined or if a larger field is used, then outfielders must be positioned at least 10 feet behind the bases. 

d.   All players, not on the field, batting, on deck, or running bases must remain in the dugout/bench area during the game without coach’s permission to leave.  The bench coach and parents are expected to enforce this rule.



a.   Game time is as indicated on the game schedule regardless of the number of players present and ready to play.  The Coaches may keep score; however, the ending score should be used as a teaching tool (i.e. to reinforce how to handle winning and losing).  The League doesn't keep standings or conduct playoffs in the Clinic division.  There are no forfeits in the Clinic division.

b.   Games will start at 5:45 p.m. and continue for as many innings as can be completed before 7:30 p.m. up to a maximum of six (6) innings.  Play will not continue past 7:30 p.m. 

c.   Umpires or Head Coaches have the authority to suspend any game prematurely should conditions warrant, i.e. insufficient visibility, wet conditions, lightning, excessive cold, continuous harassment from anyone present, etc.  Where the safety of the girls is a concern, either head coach or the umpire has the authority to suspend a game.  Games will not be rescheduled if at least three (3) innings of play has been completed or play is halted after 7:00 p.m.

d.   Postponements:  In case of inclement weather, the League no later than one hour-fifteen minutes before game time will post the status of all games on its website, (; it is the responsibility of the Head Coach (or his/her designate) to confirm the status of his/her team’s game.  It is then the responsibility of the Head Coach (or his/her designate) to inform his/her players within a reasonable timeframe of any postponement.  Teams must report to the field of play, unless otherwise notified.  Postponed and suspended games will be rescheduled by the League to be played at the earliest available makeup date. 

e.   All players and coaches will hustle on and off the field between innings.  All players will be ready and in position when the umpire declares "play ball".  Coaches are requested to enthusiastically enforce this rule to allow the maximum amount of playing time for the girls.



a.   The pitcher-coach will pitch to his/her players with a normal underhand motion (slow pitch) from 30 feet.  The arc will be no higher than ten (10) feet as measured from the ground, common sense does apply.  The pitcher-coach will pitch for the entire season- no exceptions.



a.   Each team shall submit a batting order to the opposing coach before the start of each game.  The batting order must include all players present and ready to play.  Players who arrive after a game is in progress will be placed at the end of the batting order. 

b.   Balls or non-swinging strikes will not be called.  Strikes will be called only for missed pitches and foul balls.  A foul ball is a strike only if there is less than two (2) strikes. 

c.   A batter will be pitched 6 balls unless the batter strikes out before the 6th pitch. If the batter is still at bat after the 6th pitch, the batter will be required to bat from a tee.

d.   A team will remain at bat until there are three (3) outs or until all of the batters completes their turn at bat and all play has been stopped by the umpire. 



a.   There will be no walks (base on balls).

b.   Throwing the bat is not allowed.  At the discretion of the umpire, a warning will be issued for the first time a player throws the bat. 

c.   The Batter-Runner may advance as many bases as appropriate depending on the length of the hit into the outfield, however once the ball is retrieved and returned by an outfielder to the infield all runners must stop at the base that they are then advancing to.

d.   Runners will not be allowed to advance on any overthrows.

e.   Sliding is not permitted at the Clinic level. 



The League will make every attempt to have an umpire at the game.  The umpires will be Senior Division players (of at least High School age).    Any badgering or intimidation towards an umpire is ground for a coach or parent to be dismissed from the League. They are making a good faith effort to call the game as they see it.  Their calls are not to be questioned.  If you think the umpire may need a little more training, you are to speak to the Clinic Division Commissioner to discuss the matter.



a.   The Coaches may keep score; however the ending score should be used as a teaching tool (ie. to reinforce how to handle winning and losing).  The League doesn't keep standings or conduct playoffs in the Clinic division.  There are no forfeits in the Clinic division.



a.   Coaches:  The League encourages each head coach to use as many parents/coaches as can be managed to teach the girls. 

b.   On defense (in the field), two coaches will be allowed to roam the outfield to help guide the girls.  One coach will back up the catcher to retrieve passed balls.  No defensive coach will be allowed in the infield area during normal play.  Nor will any coach be allowed to physically interfere with a ball in play.  A coach can provide fielding instruction from the sidelines or outfield. 

c.   On offense (at bat), there will be the two base coaches and a pitcher coach.  In addition, a bench coach will keep players who are not on the field, at bat, on deck or on base in the dugout-bench area. 

d.   Coaches Conduct:  All coaches are reminded that players and spectators will emulate their conduct.  Coaches will set an example by providing a model reflecting those values and intentions herein. Any coach exhibiting or reported for un-sportsman like conduct or abusive language/behavior will be reviewed by the League to determine his or her continued participation. The offending coach's continued participation in the League will be subject to review by the Board of Directors.

f.   Safety: The playing area must be kept clear of equipment not being used.  Spectators must stay behind the fence and out of the player dugout areas.  Players not in the field, at bat, on deck or on base should remain in the dugout area.  Where there is no fence, spectators and equipment must remain behind an imaginary line drawn from the end poles of the backstop parallel to the foul lines.  Failure to comply with this rule will seriously compromise player safety.

g.   Smoking/Alcoholic Beverages: There shall be no drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed in the parks. There shall be no smoking on the playing fields and the surrounding areas. There is no smoking or vaping at the Gaylord complex at all. Coaches committing an infraction of the smoking rule will receive a written warning after the first infraction.  Coaches committing a second infraction of the smoking rule will be suspended indefinitely and subject to review by the Clinic Division Commissioner, League Vice-President, and League President.

Coaches committing an infraction of the alcoholic beverages rule will be suspended indefinitely and subject to review by the Clinic Division Commissioner, League Vice-President, and League President.




Approved by the Wallingford Girls Softball League, Inc.

     Last revision date:

November 2022



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